I took some time off everything. Why? Well, hopefully, I also understand that soon. I have decided to go back to blogging. Mainly so that I can justify keeping up the host I use but also just to see if I can improve my writing. I realise now that writing is my bed and butter. Not that science lab shit.

I am only as good a scientist as I am a writer.

But do not worry, this is not going to be a science blog. I already have a neglected web host for that. This here is like a Just Write blog. A post a day to just put words somewhere and make this writing thing feel casual.

A post a day?


Seems ambitious.

Or reckless.

Either way, we are going to find out how consistent I will be.

I am hoping to make it a week. If I do this from Monday to Monday, then I could see how viable an idea this is.

The posts are not going to be great…. At first. But hopefully, over time, I will gain confidence, and fluency that I hope will be good enough to convey specific ideas.

Not all posts will be daily randomness tho.

There might be longer posts that delve deeper into a topic I am either curious or passionate about.

So here goes nothing.