Look at various images of the human brain cells. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Then look at various images of the universe. Then go back to the brain cells.

Then imagine this.

We have always been trying to get to understand the origin of life. Evolutionists have the Big Bang. But can’t explain where the initial particle came from. Creationist have the Adam and Eve story. But can’t explain where God came from. The ‘He’s always been there and always will’ bit notwithstanding.

I have no idea which of this is true, so currently I am going with the God made the particle that banged. It’s a safer in between. It sort of brings religion and science together so I decided to live safe there for now.

Which brings me to the question ‘who is God?’

I may not know much about Him but I definitely believe that He has no religion. So don’t be peddling that Christians are better than Muslims bullshit to me. Religion is made by man and so has everything we have been writing about God. For the most part at least. Now I sense I am about to get in some religious argument but hear me out first.

We believe that God made us in his image and likeness? What do we get from that? Images have him looking white and in white clothes and in a long white beard. That is not my image nor my likeness. So I’m guessing they meant soul. We all have a soul like that of God. Because if He was literally of similar likeness and image, he’d have to look like everybody at the same time. Have white, brown, black, yellow face with skinny, beady, huge eyes and broad, thin, pointy etc nose and quite short and long nappy straight etc hair…. Do you get me? He’d look like everyone at once. We might want to just conclude and simplify that he has one face, two arms, two legs just like everyone else without getting to the specifics but what about deformed people? Those with no limbs etc? Aren’t they made in God’s image? Are you getting my argument? Probably not.

What I think is if the image and likeness story is true then you are each born with your own God. Who will grow to look and like just like you and will follow you wherever you go, never deserting you even when you are down the deepest hole. You may be calling him your Guardian Angel but he is the God that is in your own image and likeness and is always there when you need him. You have to learn to connect spiritually with him though because you will never see him but will always feel his presence in your essence.

So. Are there 7 billion Gods?

Wow, I guess that is what I am saying. Kinda of a stretch if you really think about it but I am just asking around here. There may be that one true God who can split himself into whatever number of people (generally every living thing, let’s not be selfish, God is in all living things) and live in our spirit, our essence. We may choose to connect to Him and most have tried, but through religion, and not all have been successful. They may think that they are but some of these religious people are the most hateful people here, they are bigots, racists, murderers, generally sinners who have to be promised a heaven where they will live forever in eternal happiness in order to do what is right. Because otherwise, without this heaven, they don’t see why one has to do good. That is why when they rebuke everything they use the Bible to tell you that you will go to hell because of this and that.

You think that is a crazy idea? Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen.

Now what if we are someone’s thoughts?

Whatever do you mean Dexxe?

You know how you may start daydreaming and have random thoughts in your head? Make up scenarios where things go exactly how you want them to go. Like how now most youth are thinking of how they would get that good job and a get a good partner to start a life with and maybe have 3 – 12 kids? You know some of these day dreams may even go as far as being specific in the kind of partner you would like to get.

‘Not Kikuyu, light skinned, with a degree, first name starts with an S (because you read on a Facebook page that partners whose name start with S are wonderful lovers).

You may even have decided what child you will have first and where you will take her to school to be the violinist you couldn’t be.

You know such day dreams, don’t you? What if we are someone’s thoughts? Someone made us up to pass time with. Look at the brain cells, how they light up. Look at how the universe lights up. We are living in someone’s brain. What we do is at his/her/its mercy. Obviously he is more advanced than us that is why he can conjure up an entire population like us and when he want to he can just stop thinking about us and we die. And maybe bring us back to life as something else.

Wouldn’t there be a way to know this? At least feel like we are in something. A bit of scientific proof maybe?

Now , this is just a thought I had recently so I may not have worked out the kinks yet but if I were to try to explain this using science I would say this. Maybe what we refer to as scientific fact is just a mere theory and that we have it all wrong. The age of the earth is said to be about 4.5 billion years (14 billion for the Big Bang). This dates come about from radiometric dating which among the hilariously many assumptions is that principle of uniformitarianism (what is happening happened). The way time moved then is how it moves now. Days and nights of billions of years ago takes the same time as the day and nights of yesterday. But what if they didn’t?

What if time moved fast in the beginning, then slowed down? Just like how a river during its youth stage is fast but slows down as it gets to the old stage? Or how a kids is fast and random but as he gets older he slowed down and becomes more organized? What if earth and the universe is that way too? A living thing.  Maybe that is why the Big Bang was sudden and rapid and then the universe spreading rate will slow down, because it’ll be in its old stage? Like a cell. Waiting to die out?

When earth started, it was barren with no life because the owner of the cell (God?) was still young and not really using the brain, but then as he grew older we see life starting to form with it getting more complex with time and increasing at a exponential rate (the Cambrian explosion) but now it has stopped and we should expect destruction to happen which will eventually kill off earth as the cell gets old and ‘God’ gets to his old age.

Like I said, not much thought has gone into this new idea and I am currently working on improving on it. If only just for my entertainment. Let me know in the comments if you have something to add in my Brainverse Theory.

First Posted on March 17, 2014 by Dexxe