I lost my wallet a few weeks ago. It was that cute Safaricom wallet. Remember it? Simple velcro flap wallet. A thing of beauty that. Best Safaricom innovation if you ask me. What is MPesa?

It was in a 2NK matatu from Nairobi. I alighted before Mwisho. I gave my self that patdown to make sure I had my earphones, phone and wallet and realized, the wallet was missing.

Huyo mimi juu ya bodaboda.

I told the boda guy those movie words I swore I would never utter. ‘Follow that matt’ . I took the predictive route to stage ya mwisho but missed it. Got the driver’s number from the office (because I still had the reciept with the number plate).

When I caught up with the driver everyone had alighted and he was heading home. The matatu was empty. No sign of my precious wallet.

In it were some few thousands, my ID, bank card, medical card and receipts (I keep a lot of receipts with me, do not judge). 2NK officials asked me to report it immediately. Which I did. 8pm on a Sunday.

On Monday I woke to get an officer assigned to my case. Then I went to replace my ID at a Huduma centre.

I survived the week, how? I was lucky I keep some money elsewhere, and my bank app allowed me to send to MPesa.

I then get a call from my medical insurer, like

‘yo, where’s your card at?’

and I was like

‘lol, you found it?’

and they were like

‘siiiiiiiike! lol, jk, we know who has it’

A GOOD SAMARITAN had found my wallet and called them. I call the GOOD SAMARITAN and he says he found it in Globe in Nairobi. Where I did not lose it. OK. is there any chance you found it with my money.

Him: lol

Me: lol.

I picked it up when I went back to Nairobi. Everything was there except the money (even receipts). I was just glad I had my wallet back.

But how exactly did I lose it? I changed my habit. I am very specific about where in a matatu I sit. That day I ignored all my rules because of matatu shortage. After I paid, I held onto my wallet so that I can remember the change. Once the change came, I did not pocket my wallet. Put it between my thick thighs. Where I also put the phone and the powerbank.

So when I was alighting, I did not ‘feel’ it drop as i was shuffling with the seat belt buckle, powerbank and phone. And since I was not on my fav seat, I could not see I had dropped it once I was out.

It was just a series of unfortunate events. Nevertheless, we persevered.

Romans 5:3-4 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,